Item #56303 Life Magazine. March 14, 1912. Spendthrift's Number. CARTOONS / SOCIAL COMMENTARY ON AMERICAN SPENDING HABITS.

Life Magazine. March 14, 1912. Spendthrift's Number.

Cooper, Fred G. (cover illus).
New York. Life Publishing Co., 03-14- 1912.
Single issue of the magazine which was previously bound, color pictorial covers, black and white illustrations throughout, pagination 523-562, 11 x 9 inches. Binding holes to spine, covers detached, upper right corner of first page torn off; otherwise very good clean condition. This is the original version of the social commentary and entertainment magazine Life, not the news photo magazine first issued in November 1936. Much of interest in this issue, which is dedicated to critiquing the spendthrift habits of the American people: "We have long since passed the simple or kindergarten stage of living beyond our incomes. We are now engaged in living beyond the incomes of the generations to come ". Advertisements include full-page color Pall Mall ad, Packard and other automobile makers, Pears' Soap, and many other companies eager to help Americans live beyond their incomes. The color cover "Finis" by Fred G. Cooper shows a man with empty pockets. Item #56303

Price: $75.00