Life Magazine. August 1936. (containing "The King's Croquet Ground"). PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 1936 / ROOSEVELT / LANDON / ALICE IN WONDERLAND PARODY, Arthur L. Lippmann.
Life Magazine. August 1936. (containing "The King's Croquet Ground").

Life Magazine. August 1936. (containing "The King's Croquet Ground").

Duncan, Gregor (political cartoon). McRay, Dorothy (cover illus).
NY. Life Magazine, Inc., 08- 1936.
August 1936 issue of the magazine: color pictorial cover, color and black and white illustrations, 40pp, 11 3/4 x 8 3/4 inches. Good condition: short tear to upper left edge of front cover Of particular interest in this magazine is the politic commentary provided in the satirical poem "The King's Croquet Ground (With King Roosevelt, White Knight Landon, Duchess Farley, and Alice Public")" by Arthur L. Lippmann, a poem which lampoons the 'three long years' of F.D. Roosevelt's presidency and the "gay electioneering season" to come, accompanied by a full page color picture showing Roosevelt and Landon in the setting of Alice in Wonderland. The color illustration is by Gregor Duncan who worked for Life until it ceased publication in November of 1936. The cover illustration by Dorothy McRay is of a woman in jodhpurs preparing to ride a wild horse. This is the original version of the magazine Life, not the news photo magazine first issued in November 1936. Item #55660

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