Guide - Map of Ancient & Modern Jerusalem. ISRAEL - JERUSALEM - COLOR PICTORIAL MAP.

Guide - Map of Ancient & Modern Jerusalem.

Gauer, Bernhard (mapmaker).
Jerusalem. Syrian Orphanage Press. No date. Ca. 1932as per text notation.
Color pictorial / pictographic map, sheet 19 1/2 x 21 3/4 inches, folding into card folder, 8 x 5 1/4 inches. Soft creasing to cover; map in excellent condition. A very attractive map with decorative border of a wall with leafy plants, designed by Bernhard Gauer. There are pictographs of many of the landmarks of Jerusalem and an inset vignette at left of "Interior Di St. Sepulchre," in the centre of "Rachel's Tomb" and at right of "Mosque of Omar Dome of the Rock." The scale is 1:5000. On the front cover, the issue price was 50 mils and is noted "on sale at all book and souvenir stores, tourists' agencies & hotels in Jerusalem and abroad." The map is accompanied by 16 numbered pages of text and advertising. Page two notes: "the total population of Jerusalem as per the last census made on November 1931. Moslems 19,194; Christians 19,335; Jews 51,222. Item #55213

Price: $165.00