Item #54946 Mothers' Health Guide and Kitchen Chemist ("Heal Thyself"). 1920S HOMEOPATHY / NUTRITION, V. G. Rocine.

Mothers' Health Guide and Kitchen Chemist ("Heal Thyself").

Everett, Wash. Self-published. 1929.
Oversized volume, 15 x 7 inches, 67 pp., focusing on proper diet to maximize health and well-being. The author writes: "Almost all diseases are diet diseases" but if we "eat rightly, we do not need any doctors. Let us learn to cook and eat rightly." The author then turns to lists of foods rich in vitamins and minerals while also providing an alphabetical list of "Dead, Objectionable and Acid-Forming Foods" (five pages long) followed by a list of "Foods Easy of Digestion," resolving the volume with what he terms a "Food Map" (basically an alphabetical list of foods, listing their chemical properties) developed by "leading food chemists that have lived and worked during the past 400 years." Prior to this indecipherable list is a much shorter and more accessible list of ailments and their cures, as for example "Brain-fag calls for fish roe and fish broths." Light foxing to covers and title page; overall very good clean condition (no food stains). V.G. Rocine was apparently a Norwegian homeopath interested in food chemistry. His works included "The Secrets of Eternal Youth." Author cautions against "Foods drained, corrupted, peeled, embalmed, mill-pared, diluted, wasted, pickled, adulterated, devitalized, commercialized, poisoned, useless, dangerous, over-cooked or fried."
To summarize: Bon Appétit!
Item #54946

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