The Theatre: Illustrated Monthly Magazine of Dramatic and Musical Art. 1909. AMERICAN THEATRE - VINTAGE PHOTO-ILLUSTRATED MONTHLY MAGAZINE.
The Theatre: Illustrated Monthly Magazine of Dramatic and Musical Art. 1909
The Theatre: Illustrated Monthly Magazine of Dramatic and Musical Art. 1909

The Theatre: Illustrated Monthly Magazine of Dramatic and Musical Art. 1909

New York. The Theatre Magazine Company. 1909.
Twelve issues of the monthly magazine bound as a single (heavy) volume, 13 3/4 by 10 1/2 inches. While tightly bound, the volume lacks front and back covers and spine. In addition, unfortunately, the magazines have been bound without the color front covers featuring prominent players of the day (also lacking rear advertising covers). Despite lack of covers, text block is sturdy and in very good clean condition; each issue is complete. Summary: Below is a listing (by no means complete) of the magazine's contents, from month to month.
January: Article on "The Moving Picture" with photo of the Edison Studio in the Bronx; full page photo of Maude Adams in "What Every Woman Knows"; full page photo from "Salvation Nell" with Mrs. Fiske; condensed version of "The Fighting Hope" featuring Blanche Bates; Memorial Tribute to Richard Mansfield.
February: Full page photos of Mrs. Leslie Carter in John Luther Long's "Kassa," Maxine Elliott in "The Chaperon," Frances Starr in Eugene Walter's "The Easiest Way"; condensed version with photos of "Salvation Nell" with Mrs. Fiske; article titled "The Drama of the Jew" with focus on Israel Zangwill.
March: Story of "The Easiest Way" told in text and pictures; condensed version of 'The Third Degree" by Charles Klein; photos from "Kassa" with Mrs. Leslie Carter (the play is reviewed as "an involved and impossible story of seduction, misery, and madness.")
April: J. M. Barrie's "What Every Woman Knows" told in pictures and text.
May: Full page portrait of Modjeska as Queen Katherine in "Henry VIII" plus a Profile of her Career; full page portrait of Richard Sothern as Richelieu; Profile of Holbrook Blinn; also profile of playwright Henry Bernstein and full page portrait of Pauline Frederick.
June: Full page portrait of Ethel Barrymore.
July: Full page portrait of E. H. Sothern and Julia Marlowe in "Hamlet"; illustrated feature on various "open air amusement parks"; full page portrait of Marie Dressler.
August: Full page portrait of Bertha Kalich; article on Maude Adams' "Joan of Arc" at Harvard Stadium; article on Henrik Ibsen and the Women in his Dramas; photos of the Russian Imperial Ballet company (M. Nijinsky featured); well-illustrated article on "spectacular stage effects: how they are done"; The New Theatre with a stunning illustration (not photographic) depicting "the house from the stage"; article on the Stage Switchboard (lighting) and Interview with L. Frank Baum.
September: Full page portraits of Mrs. Leslie Carter and of Blanche Bates; also article on the Forest Plays in California (the Bohemian Club).
October: Full page portrait of Julia Marlowe; obituary of Clyde Fitch; Profile and full page portrait of Beerbohm Tree as Ulysses; Chat with Martha Morton "Dean of America's Women Playwrights"; article on the tour of Yiddish Dramatist Scholom Asch.
November: Full page portrait of Forbes Robertson in "The Passing of the Third Floor Back"; full page photo portraits of Members of the "New Theatre" Company, Winthrop Ames, Director, accompanied by paragraphs on important members of the company; article on David Belasco's "Family of Dramatic Artists"; Scenes from "The Dollar Princess"; Article: "The Real Clyde Fitch."
December: Full page portraits of Viola Allen, Billie Burke, and Maude Adams; article on Clyde Fitch as Collaborator; Henri Bernstein's drama "Israel"; dramatic photo of scene from Stephen Phillips' blank verse drama "Herod" with Julie Opp and William Faversham; article on the Oberammergau Passion Play; celebratory article on the opening of "The New Theatre" on Central Park West (see also August & November issues).
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