Alabastine Home Color Book. INTERIOR DESIGN / COLORING BOOK.

Alabastine Home Color Book.

Grand Rapids, Michigan. Alabastine Company. 1928.
Rectangular coloring book for children 8 ¼ x 10 ¼ inches; 20 pp. including covers. The book features eight color images of various rooms in a home with, next to the image, a black and white replica of the room for a child to color, following the palette of the original. A child has attempted to color one of the eight black and white illustrations, but evidently gave up early on, understandably. Other than the "experiment," the coloring book is in very good clean condition, and offers interesting images of 20’s interiors. The Alabastine Company of Grand Rapids, Michigan manufactured a gypsum plaster wall covering. Rear cover of coloring book features a full page "Questions Regarding Alabastine and Their Answers," for example: "Can Alabastine be used over Papered Walls?" The happy answer: "Yes." Item #54794

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