Plan Routier du Caire et Ses Environs. EGYPT - CAIRO AND VICINITY.

Plan Routier du Caire et Ses Environs.

Nicohosoff, A. (cartographer).
Alexandrie, Egypte. Le Élablissement de "Arts Graphiques". 1937.
Very attractive full-color folded map of Cairo and Environs in brown paper wraps 7 x 4 ¾ inches. When unfolded, map measures 27 ½ x 34 inches. Running centrally across the whole of the map is El Nil, while the city of Cairo is bounded at the top of the map by the Desert Arabique. A tram line appears to cross the river from the city and head directly to the Pyramides de Guizeh, located abutting the vast Desert Libyque. The visually fascinating map is beautifully crafted and printed. An uncommon item; there are no WorldCat listings for a map with this title (although an earlier Cairo map by Nicohosoff with a somewhat different title appears to be held by one library). An uncommon and beautifully executed map of Cairo and Vicinity. Item #54758

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