Reno Nevada Washoe County Court House. [LUGGAGE LABEL]. NEVADA - RENO - THE DIVORCE INDUSTRY.

Reno Nevada Washoe County Court House. [LUGGAGE LABEL]

Los Angeles. Marks-Fram Co., No date. Ca. 1940s.
Pictorial luggage label, 5 x 3 1/2 inches. Very good unused condition. One can only imagine this as a popular souvenir with those taking advantage of Nevada's free-wheeling divorce laws in the first part of the twentieth century. "In 1931, more than 4,800 divorces were processed in northern Nevada, most processed through this courthouse [The Washoe County Courthouse]; it was economically important, with $5,000,000 being spent per year in Reno by divorcing parties." (Wikipedia). Item #54370

Price: $17.00