"My Honolulu Lady" BLACKFACE MINSTRELRY, Lee Johnson.

"My Honolulu Lady".

San Francisco. Zeno Mauvais Music Company. 1898.
Blackface Minstrel Sheet Music, 14 x 11 inches, 6 pp. with image of "Mr. Carroll Johnson, King of the Singing Comedians" in blackface on front cover. Text touts "The Latest ‘Coon Conquest’" from composer Lee Johnson, whose other memorable compositions include "Dewey’s Victory Two Step" and "Dat Cross Eyed Hoodoo Coon." Color cover lithographed by H.S. Crocker Co., San Francisco. Very good condition. Lyrics come right to the point: "Is’e done shook my A-la-ba-ma gal, for Hon-o-lu-lu...Lou...this choc-‘late cul-lud dai---sy...." Verso of front cover provides list of "Best Coon Songs Published." A sorry page out of American Entertainment history. Item #54139

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