1850s Gleason’s Pictorial & Ballou’s Pictorial (Newspapers). EDWIN FORREST DIVORCE SCANDAL.

1850s Gleason’s Pictorial & Ballou’s Pictorial (Newspapers)

Boston. F. Gleason and M.M. Ballou. 1852- 1855.
1) Gleason’s Pictorial, April 24, 1852, 15 ¼ x 11 inches, pp. 257 to 272 features front page coverage of the stage debut of divorcee "Mrs. Sinclair (late Mrs. Forrest)" playing Lady Teazle in "The School for Scandal" in New York City. The Boston columnist observes that "judging from the tone of criticism which meets our eye...it is probable that she has a vast deal to learn...before she can expect to excel." 2) Ballou’s Pictorial, June 16, 1855, 15 ¼ x 11 inches, pp 369 to 384 features an illustrated article on the career of actor Edwin Forrest, "now, in the zenith of his powers" whose "delineations are full of energy and fire." In the review of his career, no mention is made of the scandalous divorce of 1852. Both papers in very good clean condition. The two illustrated newspapers of the 1850s are of particular interest in that they highlight highs and lows in the career of America’s most famous actor, Edwin Forrest. Item #54119

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