"Saratoga" and "Hazel Kirke" PLAY SCRIPTS, Bronson Howard, Steele Mackaye.

"Saratoga" and "Hazel Kirke"

New York. Samuel French. 1898. 1908.
Two vintage Samuel French play scripts replete with the authors' stage directions intended to assure the producers of regional productions "get it right." "Saratoga" has a copyright date of 1870 with a renewal date of 1898, both in Howard’s name. "Hazel Kirke has a copyright date of 1880 with a renewal date of 1908, both in Mackaye’s name. The play scripts are in paper wraps; "Saratoga" 68 pp in length; "Hazel Kirke" 70 pp in length. "Saratoga" was first produced at the Fifth Avenue Theatre; "Hazel Kirke" at the Madison Square Theatre. Both plays scripts have chips to the paper spines; the cover of "Hazel Kirke" is creased, otherwise good clean condition. The dialog in both plays rings true to the era of composition: Sack in "Saratoga" inquires: "By-the-way, Jack, how do you get along among the Saratoga belles? No fluttering about the heart, now and then, you old icicle—eh?" Arthur in "Hazel Kirke," described as "frenzied," bellows: "You miserable, dastardly villain, I could brain you! (grasps him by the throat)." The scripts are useful in documenting aspects of performance in the original productions. Item #54039

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