Matico’s Simplified Install-It-Yourself Method. FLOOR COVERINGS - MATICO ASPHALT, VINYL-ASBESTOS TILE.

Matico’s Simplified Install-It-Yourself Method.

Houston, TX. Mastic Tile Corporation of America. 1951.
Illustrated booklet, 10 x 7 inches, 16 pp., pictorial paper wrappers, with fold-out pages at rear showing how to measure floor space to determine the number of tiles needed. The photo-illustrated guide depicts a young woman following the step-by-step instructions that lead to successful "do it yourself" installation of a tile floor. One of the more fun photos depicts cutting the tile to fit around the leg of a radiator. This is accomplished by cutting a slit in the tile to ease it around the leg and adding "proper sized holes in [the] proper place." Voilà! The firm advertises two tile products "to beautify your home": Asphalt Tile and Vinyl-Asbestos Tile. Item #53866

Price: $18.00