The Country Boy. PLAY EPHEMERA - BROADWAY, Edgar Selwyn.

The Country Boy.

New York. Selwyn et al. 1911.
Double-sided three-panel brochure, 8 x 3 inches unfolding to 9 x 8 inches, illustrated with photographs from the New York production of the Edgar Selwyn comedy-drama. There is a 6 inch diagonal crease to the brochure, and several short tears at folds. Brochure shows wear but is, overall, in good clean condition. Brochure contains excerpts from the reviews of New York drama critics (e.g. "clean and wholesome"); also lines from the play thought to be memorable; a potted-bio of the author ("Selwyn's life has been one of struggle") and more. A printed banner on the front page announces the coming of the play to Chicago's Powers Theatre commencing December 26th. Selwyn had a long and prosperous career, both in New York theatre and in Hollywood. "The Country Boy" was an early hit. Item #51927

Price: $40.00