Arnaut Soldier.

London. Thos. McLean. Ca. 1818.
Aquatint engraving, handcolored, sheet size 14 x 10 inches. Slightest indentation at upper edge of sheet from vintage paperclip and two small (1/2 inch) squares of adhesive residue at upper corners on verso - neither affecting the image area in any way. Very good condition, clean and bright. An attractive print together with a separate sheet of descriptive text in English. An exquisitely engraved and handcolored image, plate number XXVII from "The Military Costume of Turkey." This work was first published in 1818; Abbey in his reference work "Travel in Aquatint and Lithography" (entry #373) notes the existence of a later edition of that era. The descriptive text notes that these soldiers are "from Macedonia, the Morea and the provinces bodering upon Sclavonia...The arms of an Arnaut soldier consist of a pair of pistols stuck in a sash, a long handjar knife, or dagger, and a musket with a long barrel. The figure represents one of the Arnaut infantry on a march." Item #50562

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