Leander Richardsons Illustrated Dramatic Weekly. THEATRE.

Leander Richardsons Illustrated Dramatic Weekly.

New York. Leander Richardson. 01-20- 1894.
Volume 1 No. 4. An early number of the short-lived weekly theatrical newspaper published by journalist and theatrical manager Leander Richardson. 13.25 x 10 inches, 16 pp; illustrated with black and white photo illustrations and line drawings. The Weekly covers New York and regional theatre, with extensive details relating to "out of town stands." The cover of the newspaper features a photo of W. H. MacDonald as "War Cloud" in a production titled The Ogallallas: an American Opera. Gerald Boardman in American Musical Theatre writes that the producers claimed the work to be "the first major musical to center on the American Indian." The narrative was written by Young Ewing Allison; Henry Waller was the composer. The Dramatic Weekly states of MacDonald in the featured role: "In the costume of the Indian warrior Mr. MacDonald presents a most picturesque and striking appearance. His figure and features are alike typical of the American Indian, and he bears himself with a certain stately grace that is exceedingly impressive." The Dramatic Weekly is a scarce periodical, Volume I evidently is not held by any major library. Item #50133

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