Item #49988 Roofing Tiles. 1920s CALIFORNIA CLAY TILES.

Roofing Tiles.

San Francisco. California Pottery Company. No date. Ca. 1920s.
11 x 8.75 inch pamphlet describing and picturing five types of clay roofing tile: California Spanish Tile; Escornada Tile; Medium Sierra; California Pan Tile; Italian Pan Tile. Diagrams show the design features of individual tiles while line drawings depict their appearance when assembled on the gable of a roof. The pamphlet states of the tiles: "they are without question not only the most beautiful of all roofing materials, but also the most practical. More than this, the tiles will outlast the very building they cover...." The pamphlet's color cover pictures a lovely Mediterranean-style home prior to a collapse brought on by the weight of the clay tile roof. Item #49988

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