Nine Alaska Steamship Company Menus with portraits of Huskies. ALASKA STEAMSHIP COMPANY / MENUS.

Nine Alaska Steamship Company Menus with portraits of Huskies.

Crumrine, Josephine (illus).
Seattle. Alaska Steamship Company. Copyright 1941. Circa 1948.
Eight menus, color pictorial covers, folding to 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Very good condition. On back of each menu is information regarding the artist: "Josephine Crumrine is a young Alaska artist who lives in the Territory and specializes in painting dogs and animals. She exhibited in Seattle in 1939. In the dog portraits featured in this current series of menus Miss Crumrine has captured the spirit of the Old Alaska when the chief mode of transportation was the husky-drawn sled. Her medium was pastels, here reproduced by four-color lithography." Each dog portrayed on the front cover is described in a paragraph on the back. The menus are exceptionally clean and listed a daily bill of fare. Menus are from the S.S. Baranof, and include: Luncheon Thursday March 11, 1948; Breakfast Sunday March 14, 1948; Dinner March 18, 1948; Luncheon Saturday March 20, 1948; Luncheon Saturday March 27, 1948; Breakfast Sunday April 4, 1948; Dinner Friday April 16, 1948; and a blank menu. Item #45984

Price: $85.00