Liriodendrum foliis angulatis truncatis. TULIP TREE, Christopher Jacob Trew, Benedict Christian Vogel.

Liriodendrum foliis angulatis truncatis.

Ehret, Georg Dionysius (illus). Engraved by Johann Jacob Haid.
[Nuremberg]. 1750-1773.
Engraving, hand-colored, plate area approximately 17 x 11 1/4 on sheet size 21 1/2 x 14 1/4 inches. Faint spot to mid upper image just below plate mark, two short splits in image area at upper right, a clean, bright image on fine laid paper. An exceptional antique botanical print depicting the branch of a Tulip Tree by one of the finest botanical artists of all time, Georg Dionysus Ehret, engraved by Johann Jacob Haid and published in PLANTAE SELECTAE by Christopher Jacob Trew and Benedict Christian Vogel (plate X). This remarkable work, published over the period 1750 to 1773, scientifically documents and artistically celebrates exotic plants in the collection of the Chelsea Physic Garden in London and other collectors at a time when the collection, cultivation and documentation of exotic flowers was popular among the upper strata of European society. Ehret trained as a gardener, but his talent as a botanical artist was noted and put to work by wealthy patrons including the physician and botanist Dr. Trew. Included are fine botanical details reflecting the influence of the newly introduced Linnaean system of plant classification. (Nissen 1997; Great Flower Books, p.78; Dunthorne 309). Item #42170

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