Newsmap for the Armed Forces. 243rd Week of the War - 125th Week of U.S. Participation. Monday, May 8, 1944. (Map title: Four Approaches to Japan).

Harrison, Richard Edes (cartographer).
New York. Army Information Branch. 05-08- 1944.
Volume III, No. 3F. Poster, color maps on one side, sheet 35 x 47 inches, folded to 9 x 11 3/4 inches as issued. Text and maps on verso. Several spots at right centre, otherwise very good condition. Reproduced here is Richard Edes Harrison's stunning cartographic reinterpretation of the world of the aviation age as it related to the position of Japan. We see Japan's place illustrated on the continuum of the globe as if looking from space, emphasising its proximity to other countries. The four approaches are From Alaska (looking south from the Arctic, emphasising the narrow division of the Bering Strait between land masses); From China-Burma; From Manchuria; From the S.W. Pacific (with China, Korea, U.S.S.R. and Alaska on the curve of the earth). On the verso are two maps: Pre-Invasion Air Offensive and a very small map of the Humboldt Bay area of New Guinea. Also a black and white photo illustration: Task Force Sits for its Portrait: "the ships shown here calmly anchored in one of the Marshall lagoons are only part of the mightly force that hammered the islands into submission. In the picture are nine aircraft carriers, a dozen batteships (sic) and cruisers, destroyers and supply ships stretching far into the background." Item #39831

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