Fortune Magazine. 1933 - 12. ROOSEVELT / HENRY FORD / GILBEY GIN.

Fortune Magazine. 1933 - 12.

Petruccelli, A. (cover illustration).
Time. 12 - 1933.
Depression era business magazine, 14 x 11 inches, 156 pp., illustrated with photographs, maps, and art work. Contents offer a wide range of engaging articles. Some highlights include articles on Franklin Roosevelt; Inflation; Steel Rails (four major firms: U.S. Steel, Bethlehem, Inland, and Colorado Fuel & Iron); Henry Ford; American Dress Designers, the A.F. of L. and a major article on the King Ranch in Texas, referred to as "the biggest ranch of its kind in the world." The article features two maps in color: a World Cattle Map and a U.S. Cattle Map. Covers show wear and light soiling; light abrasions at top and bottom of spine. Contents in good clean condition overall. Cover art work by Antonio Petruccelli The magazine’s advertising reflects the end of prohibition (December 5, 1933): ads for Pabst Blue Ribbon, Gilbey Gin, Johnny Walker, Vat 69, Booth’s Gin, Teacher’s Whiskey, Martini Vermouth, and various other brands. All reflect the end of "dry America." The ad for Hennessy, seeming to exhale deeply for all those involved, announces: "So we can be ourselves once more!" Bottoms up! Item #27037

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