New Victor Records Jass Band and other Dance Selections.

Victor Records. 1917.
Poster in tones of brown, black and orange 33 x 21 inches (84x53cm) archivally backed with a one inch wide section down the right edge reattached (a small area of the lower right margin missing) and two short tears at the lower edge minimised. Scene of couples dancing in a ballroom, with orchestra playing. Tunes listed are Dixieland Jass Band, Livery Stable Blues, Poor Butterfly and Allah's Holiday. Bottom right are the initials 'RW'. A facsimile letter from the Victor Talking Machine Company to Victor Dealers reads in part: "The Jass Band is its own best advertisement to people who have heard it but for those who have not, we have had the enclosed poster prepared. Given the best possible display you have at your disposal, this new poster, featuring the first Jass Band selection and one other excellent dance record, will develop a very considerable volume of business for all our Dealers. The Jass Band is a novelty. It is the newest and the noisiest thing in the cabarets. Coming just at the end of the winter season it will carry the dancers merrily along into the summer months and like all musical novelties, it means the beginning of another special 'run' of business." Little did the Victor company know just how long that 'run' would last... We have found only one holding at Tulane University in the Hogan Jazz Archive. Item #25747

Price: $2,650.00