The Pacific Monthly. June, 1911. OREGON / ROSE FESTIVAL / REED COLLEGE, William Bittle Wells.

The Pacific Monthly. June, 1911.

Portland, OR. The Pacific Monthly Co., 12- 1907.
Volume 18. Number 6. Magazine 10 1/4 x 6 3/4 inches, 14 unnumbered pages of advertising (including table of contents) at beginning of magazine followed by 14 additional pages (red-tone coloring) identified as the "Official Program for the Rose Festival," the city's week-long celebration commencing Sunday, June 4th with "special Sermons in many pulpits, glorifying the return of the fragrant and beautiful rose." The Program continues with a listing of events for the next six days. The magazine proper begins with an article titled "The City of Roses," featuring photographs of past Rose Festivals, with automobiles festooned with roses, etc. Another illustrated article, "The Mexican Revolution," focuses on the conflict that began in 1910 and continued for the better part of a decade. Another illustrated article, "Volcanic Cave Wonders of the Northwest," is illustrated with numerous photographs. "The Pioneer Reminiscences of George Collier Robbins," an illustrated article, depicts the hazards encountered by pioneer immigrants heading West. Another article, by William F. Foster, focuses on the opening of Reed College in Southeast Portland in 1911; it is illustrated with photographs. "Ten Years of Progress" discusses the growth of Electrical Transportation and the Power Industry in Portland. Advertising in the rear pages of the magazine trumpets the city's "Carnival of Roses" June 5th to 10th with blurbs describing how, for a newly arrived settler, a "comfortable living is being made from 5 to 10 acre farms." Full-page advertising also includes the Overland and National 40 automobiles and advertising by the Oregon-Washington Railroad & Navigation Company ("The Safe Line") plus copious additional ads of interest. It should be noted that the magazine lacks a front cover; instead, a page-sized sheet (presumably fashioned from wall-paper) has been attached to the magazine's spine to provide the missing cover. It is not a work of art. Item #55801

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