• China in Print 2017 - A Selection of Stock

    Please join us at Hong Kong's leading international fair and exhibition for rare books, manuscripts, photographs, and ephemera with a particular focus on Asian printed material. Featuring exhibitors from around the world. Admission is free.

    Friday 17th November 16.00- 20.00

    Saturday;18th November 12.00 – 19.00

    Sunday 19th November 12.00 - 16.00-br

    Hong Kong Maritime Museum
    Central Ferry Pier No.8, Man Kwong St
    Hong Kong and Asia Bookroom will be sharing a booth with a wide variety of material on Hong Kong, China and other Asian countries. 

    Elisabeth and Sally
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    The distinctive style of movies of the golden age of Film Noir, that genre of Hollywood crime dramas infused with liberal doses of sex and cynicism, is captured in the striking graphics of these classic movie posters. The portrait that emerges of a darker side of mid-twentieth century America makes them a compelling resource for the study of that period as well as for film history archives.
    The light-hearted Gary Cooper / Barbara Stanwyck comedy “Ball of Fire” of 1941 that we include in this listing drives home this contrast…but no matter what, somebody is going to get burned...

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    Elisabeth, Craig and Cristina

  • MAPS at the SAN FRANCISCO MAP FAIR September 15-17 2017

    Maps!  Please visit us at the inaugural San Francisco Map Fair to be held September 15 to 17 in San Francisco. Visit the San Francisco Map Fair webpage to see opening times for the fair - Friday and Saturday are free entry days!

    We have provided some "virtual browsing" below with a small selection of the many diverse maps we - and the 20 plus dealers - will be offering.  We specialise in pictorial maps, but will have 19th coastal survey maps and a diversity of other items on view at the fair.  We will be adding to this list, so please check back before the fair to have the first chance at capturing the map you like...
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    Elisabeth, Craig and Cristina

  • What's on the menu?...Vintage Food and Drink Menus 1926-1967

     The following listing is comprised of vintage menus, most from restaurants in the United States, but British, Canadian, and Mexican restaurants are also included.  A number of the menus represent Polynesian-themed restaurants, a mid-twentieth century vogue that, in some menu listings, conflated Chinese food with the South Pacific.  Occasionally a menu's emphasis is directed toward offerings from the bar, while others are decidedly discrete: "Could we suggest a glass of wine before dinner?" The menus represent a 40 year span and, for the most part, are in good to very good condition.  It should be noted that, very occasionally, a spontaneous gag reflex might overwhelm the unsuspecting reader.

    Please download the pdf listing to view the menus in reverse date order, starting with a quartet of 1967 menus from the Del Monte Lodge in Pebble Beach, California, and resolving with the 1926 Myrtle Bank Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica. 

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    Elisabeth, Craig and Cristina


    We hope you will enjoy perusing our most recent catalog of theatrical ephemera, a substantial portion of which dates from the 19th century.  Several items of note include an 1880 color lithographed portrait of Sarah Bernhardt, an informative study titled “The Chinese Drama” published in China and featuring attractive color plates, and a 406 page memoir, “Memories of an Old Actor,” detailing both the tribulations of, and rueful reflections on, a stage career unfolding in the mid-nineteenth century.  Regarding oddities, there are more than a few.  One such is the verse rendition delineating “The Wonderful Leaps of Sam Patch,” whose idiosyncratic career and ultimate demise is documented in thirteen color lithographic illustrations—purportedly a “picture book for little children.” Additional items include three 1880s “Garden Theatre” programs from Uhrig’s Cave in St. Louis, named after an underground cavern initially used as cold storage for a brewery.  Also of note, a front page illustrated article in the April 24, 1852 issue of “Gleason’s Pictorial” covering, in some detail, the (less than stellar) stage debut of Catherine Sinclair, the divorced wife of theatrical super-star Edwin Forrest.  We hope you will find the time to consider our listings, and perhaps discover items that engage your interest.

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    Elisabeth, Craig and Cristina

  • PRODUCTS FOR THE HOME: Manufacturers’ Catalogs 1900s - 1950s

    This listing contains a wide variety of pamphlets, brochures and catalogs devoted to products for the American home—products manufactured to promote comfort or convenience, often enhanced (so it is claimed) by aesthetic pleasure derived from innovative color or design. These “home product” advertising publications date primarily from the first half of the 20th century, and their relevance to the home is at times complicated by goods manufactured by firms seeking domestic as well as commercial outlets for their product .Then there are the curiosities, of which there appear to be no shortage: for example the “Secret Door Openers” (promoted in item 53871.) Some of the products included in the list, glowingly described by their manufacturers, were subsequently found to be health hazards (for instance, propane gas refrigerators, asbestos floor tiles, wood products enhanced by “toxic preservation” etc.). For those interested in oddities or historic exemplars associated with products for the home, or in the projection of the “new” or “modern” advanced by manufacturers in their focused appeals to female “home-makers,” the catalogs and brochures listed should prove interesting and enlightening.  The catalog can be viewed as a pdf online here

    We will shortly be issuing a catalog of American house plans from 1900-1965.

  • SIXTY FIVE YEARS OF AMERICAN HOMES: HOUSE PLAN CATALOGS 1900-1965 is pleased to offer our latest catalog of vintage house plan booklets and brochures dating from the 1900s through the 1960s. These “pattern books,” depicting a home’s exterior together with detailed floor plans and enticing descriptive paragraphs, feature page after page of designs for homes both large and small. The images and evocative language employed in the catalogues and brochures engaged the imaginations of readers of an earlier era as they pondered the virtues or liabilities of individual designs. Insidiously, the dream of home ownership took hold.

    ”No man,” said Herbert Hoover, “ever fought for his boarding house.”

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